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Wireless Modules


Even in large quantities, the use of wireless modules is profitable in comparison with a customer-specific design, and also ensures optimum RF performance and stability.

The term wireless telecommunication is used to describe a radio technology for wireless data transmission in general. Because the requirements in the different market segments vary significantly, several other wireless technologies have established themselves next to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Subcategories of Wireless Modules:

Produktkategorie 868 MHz (900 MHz) and 2,4 GHz,  5,7 GHz RF-Modules

868 MHz (900 MHz) and 2,4 GHz, 5,7 GHz RF-Modules

Easy-to-use RF embedded modules

Produktkategorie Bluetooth


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Produktkategorie Cellular Modules

Cellular Modules

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Produktkategorie Location


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Produktkategorie SIM-Card, eSIM

SIM-Card, eSIM

SIM-Card / eSIM for IoT-Solution

Produktkategorie ULE


Ultra Low Energy

Produktkategorie Wi-Fi


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Produktkategorie ZigBee


With a max. distances from 10–100 meters


Our suppliers in this category Wireless Modules:

Especially in the case of mobile or global y distributed facilities, mobile telephony standards like GSM/GPRS, UMTS, and LTE are being increasingly used to cope with the growing demand for the networking of M2M (machine-to-machine) devices such as engines, vehicles, vending machines, or even containers. In addition, satel ite-based radio systems like GPS and GNSS are used for positioning and navigation.

Due to the increased complexity of the RF designs, especially in broadband applications in recent years and the parallel rise in development costs and risks, customers now more often resort to modular solutions. After all, it is not unusual for a module maker to spend several man years in close collaboration with the IC manufacturers until a module becomes marketable. As a result, customers obtain an optimized solution in all respects, tuned to deliver ideal RF performance in a final calibration during production. Moreover, most modules are pre-certified for several countries, allowing customers to save time and money during their final product certification. Since the manufactures are capable of producing these modules at ever larger batches, customers also benefit from declining prices, so that even in high volumes, the integration of a module has become economically more attractive than a customer-specific design.

CODICO is proud to include very experienced and renowned module manufacturers in its portfolio for the above-mentioned wireless technologies. As a result of our cooperation with the wireless chip makers, we can offer a support for several modules that goes beyond the mere module specification.

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