About us

Broadband was founded in 2000 as a technical focused business development partner for the Nordic and Baltic electronics market. Since November 2015 Broadband is part of CODICO,  www.codico.com.  We focus on sales and support of a few carefully selected manufacturers of electronic components. With our deep technical understanding and engagement we help our customers from idea to ready product.




We have a long experience of development of both hardware and software. We know what it takes to get a product out to the market in time. We search trends on the global market and are experts in finding leading suppliers with products that fit these trends and technologies. This we do so that you as a customer are able to follow these trends and can be on the leading edge of technology together with us.

Our work usually begins with assistance to select the right components for your application based on needs and knowledge of end customers and the market. We are at your side thru the design phase with our technical support and follow all the way to production and test. The engagement does not end here. Our logistics team helps you to get the right parts at the right time, anywhere in the world.