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15W and 20W AC/DC for IoT and Smart Home

2018-06-14  Power Supply Modules   RECOM

RECOMs new RAC15-K and RAC20-K series

RECOM’s latest 15W and 20W AC/DC power supplies are designed for low power IoT and household applications. Based on the footprint of the compact RAC10-K modules, these new modules feature high-efficiency over a wide load range and the lowest standby power consumption.


The RAC15-K and RAC20-K series are PCB-mount or wired AC/DC modules with ultra-low energy losses especially in light load conditions. This makes them a benchmark for always-on and standby mode operations, as they meet energy saving directives for IoT and smart home devices. Based on latest technology, a next level of efficiency has been reached, thus making it possible to integrate a 20W power supply into the module 2’’x1’’ case size of the RAC10-SK/277 series. The power supply units cover worldwide mains input range of 85VAC up to 264VAC and come with international safety certifications for industrial, AV and ITE as well as household standards (IEC/EN60335). The recently released AC/DC modules operate in a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C and offer a wide variety of single output voltages from 5 - 48VDC (available in full as of September 2018) and also including dual outputs (12 and 15VDC). They easily meet EMC class B far below the limits without the need for any external components.


Further information can be found within the datasheets:


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