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18V 500mA PWM/PFM Synchronous Step-Down Micro DC/DC Converter


The XCL225/226 by TOREX

The XCL225/226 by TOREX is a synchronous step-down Micro DC/DC Converter with integrated coil in an ultra-small 3.0x3.0x1.6mm DFN3030-10B package.


A stable and efficient power supply circuit can be designed by simply adding only two ceramic capacitors externally. This means you can save PCB space and shorten the development time. The integration of the coil simplifies the board layout and minimizes any unwanted radiated noise. With a P-Cannel High Side Switch to ensure low Voltage operation and 100% max duty ratio, the XCL225/226 can operate from 3.0~18.0V and delivers loads up to 500mA. It’s designed for very high efficiencies at low output loads, with low quiescent current and automatic PFM/PWM mode. The XCL225/226 also includes a current limit fold-back circuit, adjustable soft-start and a power good output. In addition, an innovative Copper “CoolPost” structure provides improved thermal performance by more than 30%.


Further information can be found within the datasheets. For questions please contact Johannes Kornfehl.


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