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20W single output isolated DC/DC Module for Industrial PoE Applications

2018-02-26  Semiconductor ICs   SILVERTEL


SILVER TELECOM introduces their allnew Ag7200 (PoE), the little brother of the Ag7100 (PoE+) which has been released in 2014. The new Ag7200 is designed to work in industrial ambient conditions up to 85°C. Its input ranges from 5-15VDC to supply – again – to cover two nominal input voltages. It is inherently safe, thanks to built-in over current, thermal and short circuit protection. The product will work perfectly in conjunction with the Ag6100 (PSE module).


Providing a low cost single channel SIL footprint solution for IEEE802.3af PSE applications, the Ag7100 is perfect to implement PoE into applications that are commonly powered from 5Vdc (on board), 12Vdc battery (vehicle) or plug top adapters. 


Samples and datasheets are available by CODICO now. In case of questions, please contact Andreas Hanausek.


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