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Circuit Protection Devices

2017-12-14  Passive Components   PANASONIC


PANASONIC is constantly working on developing new protection devices and extending their portfolio. PANASONIC protection devices are designed to provide highest protection in case of electrostatic discharge (ESD suppressor) and high temperature (thermistors).


Both, ESD suppressors and thermistors are used in high number of applications like automotive, industrial, multimedia applications, but also smart home.


Below you can find the features of protective devices at a glance:


  • Small in size
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability
  • Automotive and non-automotive type

Datasheet: Thermistors


ESD Suppressors:

  • Low capacitance
  • Low peak voltage
  • Low leakage current

Datasheets: ESD Suppressor


If you require further information, please get in touch with Srecko Drazic.

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