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DIGI XBee Industrial Gateway


A rugged DIGI XBee to IP solution

The DIGI XBee Industrial Gateway is a rugged DIGI XBee to IP solution. Ideal for any environment the, gateway has an extended temperature range and rugged enclosure.


The DIGI XBee Industrial Gateway, features scalable remote configuration and management of DIGI XBee networks. By default, all DIGI XBee data sent to the gateway is automatically available to online applications via DIGI-Remote-Manager. With a simple, open-source Python development environment, this gateway also enables custom applications to run locally while interfacing across existing Ethernet or Cellular networks for WAN connectivity to cloud-based applications. DIGI XBee Gateway products can be managed remotely via DIGI-Remote-Manager, supporting features like remote firmware upgrades, configuration changes and event alarms. With DIGI-Remote-Manager, users can scale their network from a single device to hundreds of thousands of remote devices.



- Compatible with DIGI XBee3 and legacy DIGI XBee modules

- Internal DIGI XBee for Wireless LAN

- WAN Connectivity via Ethernet or Cellular

- HSPA+ or LTE CAT-1 Cellular Options

- Industrial temperatur range with rugged metal enclosures

- Python programmable

- Natively integrates with DIGI Remote Manager


Please have a look at the datasheet or contact Joachim Strohschenk if more details are required.


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