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DIGI XBee3 Family


The smallest smart IOT End-node

The DIGI XBee3 platform provides the smallest smart IOT End-node to meet today’s need to acquire and process data at the end device and send only actionable data upstream in the network. The DIGI XBee3 delivers the smallest programmable module providing RF connectivity for short range and LPWAN applications.


DIGI XBee3 RF modules provide OEMs with a common footprint shared by multiple platforms, including multipoint and ZigBee/Mesh topologies. OEMs deploying the DIGI XBee3 can substitute one DIGI XBee3 for another, depending upon dynamic application needs, with minimal development, reduced risk and shorter time-to-market.


The new DIGI XBee3 embedded RF modules are available for ZigBee 3.0, 802.15.4, BLE and DIGIMesh networking applications.

They are interoperable with other RF devices, including devices from other vendors.


Ideal for a wide range of applications, DIGI XBee3 embedded modem is end-device pre-certified for secure, reliable connectivity in a simple, compact microform factor. DIGI XBee3™ modules can be easily configured – locally or remotely – using simplified AT or API commands, DIGI XCTU software or DIGI Remote Manager®.



  • Micro size (13x19mm), 1/3 the size of the original SMT
  • Common DIGI XBee footprint for a variety of RF modules
  • 2.4 GHz for worldwide deployment
  • Design flexibility, one module, all protocols (ZigBee 3.0, 802.15.4, BLE or DIGIMesh)
  • Simple, out-of-the-box RF communications, no configuration needed
  • Native programmability, reduced BOM cost by eliminating need for external microcontroller
  • Industry leading sleep current of sub 1uA
  • Firmware upgrades via UART, SPI or over the air
  • Migrate to ZigBee, DIGIMesh and 802.15.4 protocols and vice-versa
  • Security, complete IOT security with DIGI TrustFence™


DIGI XBee3 Development Kits are the perfect way to begin wireless application development.


For more information, please have a look at the datasheet or contact Joachim Strohschenk.


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