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ELYTONEs new Planar Transformer Series ETP-SERI2518

2018-03-27  Passive Components   ELYTONE

A standard series of SMD planar transformers

ELYTONE released a new standard series of SMD planar transformers. The transformers are designed for DC/DC applications in the power range of 150W to 250W such as half/full bridge, forward and active clamp circuits.


ETP-SERI2518 is optimized for switching frequencies from 200kHz to 700kHz and isolation requirements between 350VDC and 2.250VDC. The compact dimension allows small heat paths and good thermal conduction overall, which results in lower temperature rise. Due to the big outer core surface the heat dissipation performance of the ETP-SERI2518 is much better compared to classic wire wound transformers. If necessary cooling fans or heatsinks might be installed quite easy as well. The flat wire design, in relatively low numbers of turns, helps to minimize the negative influence of the skin and proximity effect at higher switching frequencies.


Besides the standard values, customized and semi-customized solutions are available on your request. Addition information can be found in the datasheet.


For further details or requests, please contact Sebastian Gebhart


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