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ERJ D1 und D2 series shunt resistors

2018-11-29  Passive Components   PANASONIC
ERJ D1 und D2 series shunt resistors

PANASONIC Industry Europe has released a new series of chip shunt resistors for automotive electronic circuits and current sensing applications for various power supply circuits.


ERJ D1 and D2 series shunt resistors convince with their high-solder-joint reliability, excellent heat dissipation and high rated power. The ERJ D1 series (1020 Size, 2W, 100ppm, 10mΩ to 200mΩ) and ERJ D2 series (0612 Size, 1W, 100ppm, 10mΩ to 200mΩ) products are very well suited for small size and high power current detection. They benefit from high power and low TCR values (±100×10-6/°C) using a wide terminal electrode structure and original material. The low TCR values enable a high accuracy of current detection.

The wide terminal constructions of the ERJ D1 and ERJ D2 series allow high solder-joint reliability, excellent heat dissipation characteristics, as well as higher rated power than conventional terminal type components.



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