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Fully potted IP68 ACDC module

2017-12-14  Power Supply Modules   RECOM

For medical and household applications

RECOM Power launches the RACMxx-ER family. It is available as both – wired for power outlet sockets, with pins for PCB mounting. The series comprises highly reliable power conversion modules in a potted IP68 waterproof encapsulation to withstand harsh operating conditions.


With a certified operation up to 5000m altitude and temperature ranging from -20°C up to +80°C these modules are designed to power medical healthcare (2xMOPP, type BF IEC/EN/UL60601-1), household (IEC/EN/UL60335-1), sanitary, smart building and automation process appliances.

A 6dB margin to conducted emissions class B limits eases integration without the need for any external components. Very low standby power consumption of less than 75mW makes the new RACMxx-ER perfect for a wide variety of applications. RACMxx-ER is available on request in 18W and 30W from CODICO.




For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Andreas Hanausek.

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