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I2C Controlled 500mA Battery Charger

2018-04-23  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

With Power Path Management for Single Cell Li-ion Battery

Wearable devices are increasingly integrated into our lives. In addition to being used in the field of fitness, they have also penetrated into other fields, including medical care, entertainment, security, finance, etc. In this application, battery life and component size are two of key concerns.

The 1.55x1.55mm 9 balls CSP package allows MP2661 family by MPS to be an ideal candidate for wearable application.The power-path power structure makes  system instant on when battery is weak by using MP2661 family. All the charging parameters can be flexibly programmed via the I2C Bus. MP2661 family also has shipping mode to minimize the battery quiescent current to 5.5µA when the device is in storage or during shipping. MP2661 has robust protections as shown in below bullets. Particularly, the MP2661 can handle all of the battery protection needs during both charging and discharging. In charging, MP2661 has battery over voltage protection besides the precise battery voltage loop. In discharging, MP2661 has battery under voltage protection and discharge over current protection. MP2661 has another derivative called MP2664 with same features except QFN2x2 package, which provides better thermal and easier PCB SMT manufacture.



  • 12V Sustainable Voltage for the Input Source
  • Up to 500mA Input Current Limit
  • Up to 500mA Charge Current
  • Fully Autonomous Charger for Single-Cell Lithium ion Battery
  • 0.5% Charging Voltage Accuracy
  • I2C Control Interface
  • Fully Integrated Power Switches and No External Blocking FET Required
  • Integrated Input Current Limit and Input Voltage Limit Power-path Management
  • Battery Disconnection Function
  • <13µA Battery Quiescent Current in Standby Mode and <5.5µA in Shipping Mode


Robust Protections:

  • Battery Hot and Cold Protection
  • Programmable Back-up Safety Timer for Charging Cycle
  • Optional PCB Over-temperature Protection
  • Up to 500mA Charge Current
  • Thermal Regulation Loop
  • Battery Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection
  • System Short-circuit Protection for both LDO FET and Battery FET
  • Battery UVLO


With above features, the MP2661 could be very suitable for wearable applications for:

  • Versatile Configuration to accommodate different system requirements,
  • Few external components needed to provide overall BOM cost savings,
  • Optimizes performance in a very compact solution size.

In case you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Berner.


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