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IMPULSE 2018:1 - The brand new edition of CODICOs magazine!

2018-05-28  CODICO News  

The newest trends and news fresh from CODICO for you!

The newest edition of our company magazine features the latest trends, newest technologies and news of the industry:



BLUE bean: New Combo-RadioSolution by 8DEVICES

8DEVICES: Jalapeno – Embedded Wi-Fi Module with Quad Cortex-A7

MPS – Magnetic Angle Sensors, Automotive Grade

PixArt Imaging Inc. presents new Gesture Sensor PAC7620

BG96 by QUECTEL – LTE-Cat-M1/Cat-NB1/EGPRS-Module

RECOM has extended its Portfolio with the R1DX Series

Low-Cost AC/DC Converters for Smart Home & IoT by RECOM

SILVERTEL's IEEE802.3bt-ready Modules: Ag5800 & Ag6800

New Low-Power DC/DC Converter by TOREX

YEEBO: Touch for Liquid Crystal Displays is possible!

Thinner, lighter, and last longer – OLED Displays by WiseChip



KDS/Daishinku: Crystal Filter for Radio Communication Devices

Minimal Size: BVF Precision Resistor by ISABELLENHÜTTE

RUBYCON's Polymer Capacitors – Hybrid Type

RUBYCON's YXS – fulfills Small Size combined with High Capacitance

PANASONIC: Thermistors for Reliable Components

OS-CON Polymer Capacitors by PANASONIC

Redesign of the ST Relays by GOODSKY

New High End Miniatur Relays made by NEXEM

ELYTONE: Planar Transformer ETP-SERI2518



AMPHENOL's Harsh Environment Connectors

HIROSE's Zero Screw™

Heat-resistant FPC/FFCConnector by HIROSE

YAMAICHI's Y-Circ® P Series

Lightweight plastic Connector by HIROSE

UDE: Magnetic Jacks

M8/M12 SMT Connectors by AMPHENOL-LTW

AMPHENOL: 3-Axis Floating Board-to-Board Connector
Customized Busbars by LUXSHARE-ICT

YAMAICHIs BEC: Automotive Board Edge Connectors

Oscar by SINBON



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