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KEMET Power Film Capacitors for On-Board Charger

2018-04-23  Passive Components   KEMET
KEMET Power Film Capacitors for On-Board Charger

The new C4AQ-series.

The high voltages for batteries of electric vehicles or hybrid cars demand specific standards of electronics of On-Board-Charger (OBC). Capacitors with high rated voltages are required. KEMET has now introduced such specific film capacitors.

KEMET has developed a power film capacitor that was specially designed for the DC-link stage of On-Board-Chargers. The new C4AQ-series, which of course is AEC-Q200 certified, offers a high rated voltage of up to 1,500VDC (starting from 500VDC).
Due to the high voltage batteries of electric vehicles, this film cap is also well usable for output filtering of OBC. For this application, C4AQ provides additional advantages like low ESR and high dielectric strength.



  • Capacitance range: 1µF ~ 210µF
  • Case size: 11x20x31.5mm ~ 45x65x57.5mm
  • Pitch: 27.5 ~ 52.5



For more details, please have a look at the datasheet C4AQ or contact Roland Trimmel.


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