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MC90: QUECTEL releases a quad-band GSM/GPRS/GNSS/Wi-Fi module

2018-09-26  Wireless Modules   QUECTEL
MC90 QUECTEL: new quad-band GSM/GPRS/GNSS/Wi-Fi module

The new module supports hybrid positioning technologies including GNSS, Cell ID and Wi-Fi aided positioning and enables position tracking in both indoor and outdoor environments.


WiFi for position tracking

MC90 supports position tracking under both indoor and outdoor environments. GNSS+Cell ID+Wi-Fi hybrid positioning ensures that the module can track position even in weak or no signal areas while Wi-Fi positioning is used to ensure position tracking indoors. MC90 also supports EPOTM technology which provides predicted Extended Prediction Orbit to speed up TTFF without the need of any extra server. Based on EPO data, QuecFastFix Online function further reduces TTFF in cold start.


EASYTM technology enables a very fast first fix when there is not enough satellite information. GLP (GNSS Low Power) power saving mode ensures great positioning accuracy while enabling ultra-low power consumption. The built-in LNA provides the module with improved RF sensitivity and exceptional acquisition/tracking performances even in weak signal areas. The module also features low power consumption and supports dual SIM single standby function.


The compact form factor, great positioning performance, low power consumption and dual (U)SIM interfaces make MC90 the best choice for a wide range of M2M applications.


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