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New Product Category Powerline Communication for eMobility and ISO/IEC 15118

2018-09-26  Powerline Modules   
E-car charging at a loading station

As of now, the new product category "PLC/HomePlug Green Phy for eMobility" can be found on the CODICO Website as well as in the CODICO Sample Shop.


The webpages contain numerous products which are especially suitable for the strongly growing market of eMobility and which cover both sides of the coin - the vehicle as well as the charging station.


These products are pre-configured solutions that meet the communication standards described in ISO/IEC 15118 / DIN 70121 / SAE J2847/2.

At the same time, the described and offered solutions cover the classical High Power DC charging as well as the highly established CCS, abbreviated from "Combined Charging", which covers both AC and DC charging. The modules and evaluation boards can also be applied in the pure AC charging process called "Plug & Charge" which is used for data exchange between the electro vehicle and the backbone.


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