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2018-01-22  Passive Components   PANASONIC

High Ripple Currents at High Temperature and Voltage

The new SEK-series by PANASONIC is part of the product group “Aluminum-Polymer-Capacitors” (OS-CON), PANASONIC offers high ripple current capability at high temperatures. The rated voltage range extends up to 50V. For higher voltages the series SXE (THT) and SXV (SMD) by PANASONIC offers possibilities up to 100V with the series SXE (THT) and SXV (SMD).


The new SEK-series represents the THT-version of the SVPK-series. With a maximum temperature of 125°C these capacitors are the right choice for industrial applications, which require a high ripple current capability as well as high temperature resistance.
They provide an optimal smoothing, which is required for example at DC in- and output of power supplies or at the DC-circuit of inverter or rectifier.

These capacitors are basically 105°C-products, which show an allowable ripple current of up to 5Arms at this temperature. Additionally the used materials are also suitable for an ambient temperature up to 125°C.
The advantage of aluminum-polymer-capacitors (OS-CON) is the outstanding electrical performance in compact dimensions.

Compared to other available products of the OS-CON family the new SEK-series is miniaturized, and therefore provides more capacitance per case size. Furthermore a higher ripple current capability is given at smaller dimensions.

Rated voltage range of SEK and SVPK: 25V ~ 50V


For higher voltages PANASONIC offers possibilities of up to 100V with the series SXE (THT) and SXV (SMD).


For further information, feel free to contact Roland Trimmel.


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