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PAA5101EW-M: New Sensor Module by PIXART

2018-03-27  Sensors   PIXART Imaging Inc.
Newsimage © Lukas Gojda -

A sensor for (cleaning) robotic application

PIXART developed a new sensor for (cleaning) robotic application. This sensor module is based on a LASER/LED-Hybrid-Optical-Technology.


The PAA5101 is suitable for various surfaces, such as carpets, granite, wooden floor and highly glossy tiles.

The new LASER technology from PIXART works with speckle patterns which enables a stable resolution across the working range.

Since there is an oscillator integrated in that module, there is no need for external clock.

The module can be installed with IR-transparent housing material to dust-hight devices.



  • Working range: 40mm to 60mm
  • Interface: 3-wire SPI
  • Built-in oscillator
  • Motion detect pin output
  • Package: SMT reflow able LGA Package
  • Size 4.6x4.2x1mm (L/W/H)
  • Optical lens: LST0-217


For more details, please have a look at datasheet or contact Joachim Strohschenk.


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