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QUECTEL Android LTE SC20 Smart Module

2018-07-25  Wireless Modules   QUECTEL
© Ideal für Industrie- und Consumer-Anwendungen

Ideal for industrial and consumer applications

The SC20 System on Module from QUECTEL is based on Qualcomm's MSM8909 with a Quad Core A7 CPU @ 1.1GHz, running under Android 7.1 OS.


In its standard version, it integrates 8GB NAND and 1GB DDR3 and a plethora of peripherals including 4G Cat 4 modem with 3G fallback, 2.4/5G Wi-Fi, BT, GNSS, K/B, Touch Screen Display and 2 Cameras. Interfaces include USB2, 2 x RS232 @4Mbps, Audio, Video, I2C, SPI, ADC and GPIO.


Delivering up to 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink, the SC20 is ideal for industrial and consumer applications such as CPE, wireless POS, router, data card, automotive, digital signage, alarm panel, security and industrial PDA.


It contains seven variants: SC20-E, SC20-A, SC20-J, SC20-AU, SC20-CE and a Wi-Fi & BT only version SC20-W.


Region: EMEA, Korea, Thailand, India ; America ; Japan ; Australia, Taiwan, Brazil ; China (CMCC, CUCC).


All modules use QUECTEL's powerful and intuitive HW development tools and SDK, users can quickly design competitive, feature rich products while maintaining a significant price advantage. "SC20 - Smart EVB Kit" is available in our CODICO Sample Shop.


Please have a look at the datasheet or contact Joachim Strohschenk if more details are required.


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