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SheerPwr™ – more than a simple connection!


SheerPwr™ series from Amphenol ICC offers power contacts assembled in a circular orientation providing repeated low resistance and high current carrying capabilities to connect busbars to PCBs.

Main design advantage: its permanent misalignment capability!


Large beam deflection range handles up to +/- 0.64mm permanent misalignment. When fully misaligned, all of the beams still make contact with the pin. Alternate products, at 0.64mm misalignment lose contact with several spring beams.

SheerPwr™ series from Amphenol ICC 

Overview of its benefits:

  • Redundant contact points for improved reliability and lower resistance
  • Low profile socket (6.8mm) regardless of pin size
  • 3 mating pin sizes: 3.6mm, 6mm and 8mm
  • Permanent misalignment capability of +/- 0.64mm
  • Provides a minimum of 4.0mm of gatherability (increases with pin diameter)
  • AGT® silver-based plating for maximum efficiency
  • Mates with traditional machined pins



  • Current Ratings: 3.6mm – 70A; 6mm – 120A; 8mm – 160A
  • Contact Resistance: 0.05-0.1mΩ (depending on size)
  • Durability: 100 mating cycles
  • Mating force: 20-50N (depending on pin diameter)
  • Unmating force: 10-20N (depending on pin diameter)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +105°C


Typical applications:

  • AC/DC pluggable power supplies
  • Pluggable circuit breakers
  • Networking equipment
  • Switches
  • Server & storage
  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial controls & instrumentation

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