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TOREX XC6135/36 ULP Voltage Detector

TOREX XC6135/36 ULP Voltage Detector

The XC6135/36 TOREX  series includes new ultra-low power voltage detectors, which can detect voltages down to as low as 0.5V (XC6135).


Operating voltage for both detectors is from 1.1V to 6.0V and with a quiescent current of only 44nA (XC6135) and 88nA (XC6136). Both ICs can extend the operating time of products with small batteries such as IoT devices, wearable devices and smart meters. A separate sense pin function to detect a high withstand voltage is also available. The XC6135/36 are available in SOT-25 & SSOT-24 packages as well as an ultra-compact USPQ-4B05 (1x1x0.33mm) package.


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