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The Next Generation of Automotive Board Edge connectors

The Next Generation of Automotive Board Edge connectors

YAMAICHI's 314-pin variant

In order to meet the requirements of MXM3.0, YAMAICHI now offers a 314-pin variant alongside the 230-pin high-speed version. Applications with an increased need for high-speed signal contacts are thus also accommodated.


YAMAICHI draws on a proven design for this. The contacts have the characteristics needed to ensure a stable contact force even when subject to vibrations and shock. The spring characteristic of the contacts also permits tolerance compensation and reliable data transmission if modules with dimensions close to the tolerance limits are used.


A new feature is the extended function of the module’s side screw fitting. The tabs on the screw fitting can be folded out to facilitate insertion of the PCB. Following module assembly the tabs are returned to their original positions and screwed from above to the module and the connector. Thus the module is securely fastened to withstand vibrations and shock.


The enlarged SMT tabs are used for the ground connection and for the SMT connection – along with the 314 contacts – to the motherboard. YAMAICHI has thus managed to combine 314 high-speed contacts and robustness in a single system.


The connector is currently available with a 0.1µm-thick gold plating in the contact area. It is packaged and delivered in T&R. Production is nearly exclusively automated.                   


Please contact Christian Sichtar if more details are required.


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