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Universal Digital Calibrated 3A DC/DC-Converter

2018-04-23  Semiconductor ICs   MPS

In a small 3x3mm QFN-Package

With MPQ8883 MPS presents a highly efficient digital calibrated synchronous DC/DC-Converter-IC with a broad input range from 3.5V to 45V in a small 3x3mm QFN-Package.

Via serial I²C-Interface multiple parameters like output voltage, switching frequency, different thresholds, protection functions etc. can be programmed. On test-bench the settings can be tested without changing external components. Once desired optimum setting is reached the parameters can be permanently stored into an on-board OTP.



  • Input-Voltage: 3.5V – 45V
  • Output-Current: 3A
  • Synchronous rectification with high efficiency
  • Power-Good- and Fault-Indication
  • Internal Protection Features
  • Digital programmable via I²C-Bus, e.g. Voltage (0,6V-12V), switching Frequency, PG- and EN-Threshold etc.


For further information, feel free to contact Thomas Berner.


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