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XC6806 Series - Charging ICs with current path functions


For Single-Cell Lithium-Ion Batteries

TOREX has launched the “XC6806 Series” of charging ICs with current path functions for single-cell lithium-ion/polymer secondary batteries.


The XC6806 Series have the current path functions which can control battery charging and supply current to systems, so that they are kept at appropriate values. Their charge completion voltages can be set to values with a wider range than previous products providing, for compatibility with various types of lithium batteries (charging voltage range: 3.5 – 4.45V). They have shutdown functions, which can completely disable the supply of power from batteries to devices. This can suppress leakage current from batteries when devices are not in use to a level as low as 100nA, making it possible for equipment such as low current consumption devices operated by small batteries to be used for even longer periods of time. These products are housed in very compact packages.


More details can be find in the datasheet. For more information, Johannes Kornfehl will be pleased to help you.

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