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AEC-Q200 Certified Film Capacitors

2018-12-18  Passive Components   PANASONIC
AEC-Q200 Certified Film Capacitors

The new AEC-Q200 certified series ECQUA and ECWFG from PANASONIC contain the original in-house patterned metallization process with fuse function. The construction offers advantages in capacitance stability over lifetime. Together with the safety mechanism, it gives a higher reliability of your application and prevents catastrophic short mode failure in an effective way.



Beside a high humidity resistance (85°C, 85% r.H., 240VAC, 1.000hrs) it also withstands high thermal shocks (-40°C +85°C, 1.000 cycles).

With above features, this X2-capacitor is best suitable as interference suppression in charging stations and on-board-charger, industrial power supplies and inverter for renewable energy.


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ECWFG – 630VDC power capacitor

As well as ECQUA-series, ECWFG offers a high humidity resistance (85°C, 85% r.H., 500VDC, 1.000hrs) and resists high thermal shocks (-55°C +85°C, 1.000 cycles). Additionally those capacitors are subjected to a high temperature test (125°C, 450VDC, 1.000hrs).
ECWFG is suitable for various applications like power factor correction, input and output filter or as snubber-capacitor in automotive chargers, inverter for renewable energy or industrial power supplies.


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