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Ag5500-FE Signature Module by SILVERTEL

2019-01-29  Semiconductor ICs   SILVERTEL
Ag5500-FE Signature Module by SILVERTEL - their first PSE “Signature Only” Module

SILVER Telecom Ltd. launches their first PSE “Signature Only” Module

SILVERTEL is known for PoE plug and play modules to fit PoE, PoE+ and the new *.bt standard. Their all new Ag5500-FE module offers limited functionality, provided PSE equipment compliant to IEEE802.3af/at is made available. The (non-isolated) module’s input conforms to the IEEE 802.3af standard for signature recognition and class programming. It can work under industrial ambient conditions (-40 to 85°C). In addition it provides class programming for Class “4” and “5”. The maximum output power is 60W.


Download Datasheet

For more details, please contact Andreas Hanausek.


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