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CODICO is 'Regional Distributor of the Year'

2019-02-21  CODICO News  
PANASONIC honoured CODICO as Regional Distributor of the Year 2019

PANASONIC Industry Europe honours CODICO

PANASONIC Industry Europe recently honoured its top distributors for excellent customer service and sales in Europe. CODICO was happy to receive the ‘Regional Distributor of the Year’ award.


CODICO stands for the design-in distribution of high-quality active and passive electronic components and interconnect systems, backed by a high level of technical expertise with competence centres in Germany, Italy and Sweden.


CODICO - Regional Distributor of the Year


Rudolf Kammerer, Executive Director of PANASONIC Industry Europe who was pleased to give CODICO the award "Regional Distributor of the Year" elaborated: “CODICO has a great structure for introducing and supporting key design-in products such as our polymer capacitor range. They also grew sales and acted provided PANASONIC with a successful demand-creation service in the region. Thank you for your great work.” 


Thomas Jell, VP Sales & Marketing, CODICO replied: “We are very pleased to win this award and we thank PANASONIC very much for it! The fact that our design activities and demand creation services are recognised by a key supplier such as PANASONIC is highly appreciated. I would also like to recognize the excellent support which we have received from PANASONIC together with open communication, both of which play an essential role in our success and motivate our sales team.”



Picture (left to right)

Silvio Ganzer (Key Account Manager)

Sven Krumpel (CODICO CEO)

Srećko Dražić (Product Marketing & Applications Manager, CODICO)

Thomas Jell (VP Sales & Marketing, CODICO)

Roland Trimmel (Product Marketing & Applications Manager, CODICO)

Maximilian Jakob (Department Head, Distribution)

Fumio Yamashita (Supervisor)

Kosaka Nobuhiro (Global Sales Director)

Kazuto Nishida (General Manager)

Yasushi Yoshifuji (Factory Director)


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