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CCP’s rolling pogo-pins provide more motion

CCP’s rolling pogo-pins

Rolling pogo pins were developed for lateral movement and to roll on a mating surface which can be a circular track with 360° rotation. They are capable of overcoming uneven mating surfaces with floating height requirements!


With rolling pogo pins CCP presents a novel spring-loaded contact developed for lateral movement! They are capable of overcoming uneven mating surfaces with floating height requirements and can handle up to 3 Ampere. Due to the high lifetime of min. 10.000 compressions or 25km travel distance the rolling pins are a perfect solution for product displays, rotating cameras, robots, etc.



  • Length: 3.50mm (min.)
  • Diameter: 1.70mm (min.)
  • Pitch: 2.50mm (min.)
  • Current: 3A (max.)
  • Spring Force: 80g +/- 20g
  • Life time: 10.000 compressions or 25km travel distance


CODICO´s preferable supplier C.C.P. is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of spring-loaded pogo-pins in a wide variety of length and stroke configurations which can easily be modified without any additional NRE or tooling costs.

Magnetic pins

Multiple pins may be assembled in a plastic housing to a complete connector system optionally with magnets for easier handling. By customizing the internal and external structure, these connectors even reach IPX7 waterproof requirement on demand.

Waterproof pins

Shielded pogo-pins are well suited to prevent cross-talking while transmitting high-speed signals.

C.C.P. is even offering pogo-pin connectors that are fully USB 3.1 Gen. 2 compatible.


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