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CZ-3A0x - New coreless current sensor series by AKM

2019-02-21  Sensors   AKM
New CZ-3A0x coreless current sensor series by AKM

AKM has developed the CZ-3A0x series coreless current sensor, which achieves both creepage distance and clearance greater than 8 mm. With a wide current detection lineup from ±12.9 to ±129.1App, 50Arms and two overcurrent protection circuits the CZ-3A0x series can be used for many applications. In addition, it is suitable for a sensor signal input to a 3.3V A/D converter.



  • Creepage/Clearance Distance greater than 8mm
  • Working Voltage of 600Vrms with reinforced insulation
  • Support ±12.9 to ±129.1App and 50Arms Low-heat Generation
  • Low resistance of 0.27mΩ
  • 3.3V Output
  • Overcurrent Detection Function


For more information, please contact Johannes Kornfehl.


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