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Expansion of the hybrid cap portfolio

2018-08-29  Passive Components   PANASONIC

PANASONIC has advanced his polymer-hybrid capacitors continuously in the past few years. The latest result of their work are two new series, which are geared to the following targets – miniaturization, cost reduction and increasing the reliability of your assembly. As usual at PANASONIC, those caps are AEC-Q200 certified, and 85°C/85%/2.000hrs tested.

With the SMD-series ZS PANSONIC introduces a hybrid capacitor in dimensions 10x16.5mm to the market the first time. This case size provides additionally to a higher capacitance (e.g. 560µF at 25V) a higher ripple current capability of up to 4A r.m.s. The guaranteed life time at this conditions is specified with 4.000hrs @125°C. This enables to replace bigger THT e-caps by significantly smaller SMD-parts. Also the number of requested caps can be reduced by using the new ZS-series.


  • Rated Voltage: 25V ~ 63V
  • Capacitance : 150µF ~ 560µF
  • ESR: down to 11mOhm

For automotive applications, which are mounted directly to the engine, PANASONIC developed their first THT-version. This new ZF-series provides a temperature range of up to 150°C, with a guaranteed life time of 1.000hrs at full specified ripple current load.


  • Rated Voltage: 25V ~ 63V
  • Capacitance: 33µF ~ 270µF
  • ESR: down to 20mOhm
  • Ripple Current: up to 1A r.m.s.
  • Case Sizes: 8x9.5mm, 10x9.5mm

For further information please contact Roland Trimmel.


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