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Modular System for 2.83“ TFT Displays

2018-08-29  Displays   MULTI-INNO Technology

MULTI-INNOs display family is growing

The family of 2.83" TFT displays is growing at MULTI-INNO. With a resolution of 240x320 pixels, 6 different types with different features are available. There are also variants with touch functionality.


Based on three glasses - standard TN glass, IPS glass and a transflective display glass - a family of 6 basic types has been developed. The displays can be driven via an RGB interface, a parallel bus interface or via SPI. The brightness ranges from 300cd/m² to 650cd/m², whereby the panels with IPS glass and transflective glass have good to excellent sunlight readability. Different touch variants can be combined with the displays for interactivity. A cost-effective resistive touch and several capacitive touches are available. The latter are also available printed with a black or white frame. This provides a complete solution consisting of display & touch with cover glass and can be easily integrated into a system. The temperature range from -20°C to +70°C is also suitable for industrial use.

As a special feature, MULTI-INNO has developed a controller board based on FTDI chips. This can be mounted on the back of the display, the dimensions are identical to those of the display, and the user gets an intelligent solution. Backlight driver and touch controller are integrated, predefined graphical objects simplify the design of user interfaces or graphics. The system allows rapid development and shortens time-to-market.

Product overview


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