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The new PSV series by RUBYCON

2019-02-21  Passive Components   RUBYCON
The new Polymer hybrid capacitors for automotive applications by RUBYCON

Polymer hybrid capacitors for automotive applications

RUBYCON launched the new PSV series, 135°C 3.000hrs, which has 1.5 times higher ripple current than today’s PHV series with a very stable ESR over temperature.


RUBYCON offers the original hybrid capacitor technology based on the polymer materials combined with a proprietary functional gel (ARSII™). This structure has the big advantage to preserve a relative stable ESR over temperature, because this new mixture does not solidify at low temperature (unlike most electrolytic caps) and has a low rate of evaporation at high temperature. From such low and stable ESR, the rated ripple current will be higher compared to standard technology.


The PSV series is one of the leading products to show advantages of RUBYCON’s hybrid technology. This capacitor fits perfectly for the automotive powertrain applications or motor controls where the space is a limiting factor. In this case, PSV series will make a difference offering smaller size and reducing the number of capacitors inside the application.


PSV Specifications:


SMD Hybrid Polymer Cap with high lifetime under rough conditions / AEC-Q200 conform

Category Temperature Range


Rated Voltage Range


Capacitance Range


Rated Ripple Current

1650~3000mA r.m.s./135ºC

Product size


Lifetime @ 135ºC




Download Datasheet




Samples are already available for PSV series, MP will start from April 2019.


For more information, please feel free to contact Yasunobu Ikuno.




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