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PANASONIC’s high vibration resistant Power Choke Coil for automotive use

2018-08-29  Passive Components   PANASONIC

More ECUs are being placed within the engine itself, elevating integration of mechanical and electronic in-vehicle components. This trend has created a need for automotive ECUs that can be installed in high-temperature environments that have more severe vibration conditions and support large current. Choke coils with high resistance to vibration and heat as well as support for large current are essential for removing noise and smoothing the power supply of power circuits that constitute automotive ECUs.

Seperate-type ECU | Mechanical-electrical-integrated type ECU

In the first shot Panasonic released one Item ETQP5MR68YSC (10.9x10.0x5.0mm)



DCR (at 20°C) (mΩ)

Rated Current Typ. (A)

L0 (µH)







△T = 40K


△L = –30%



± 20

1.66 (1.83)

± 10



Complete product information and Asterisk meaning available in PANASONICs Spec Sheet[C-SG1] .

Additional values for this new series PCC-M1050MS and smaller sizes are already under development and will be released within FY 2018.


3 features of high vibration acceleration-resistant, power choke coil for automotive use


1. High resistance to vibration acceleration, enabling the automotive ECU to be more resistant to vibration


The new power choke coil withstands vibration acceleration of 50 G or higher in 150ºC environments (490 m/s2). The conventional product only withstands vibration acceleration of 15 G (147 m/s2).

Vibration acceleration

50G(490 m/s2)




5mm max.

Vibration directions, number of times (Time)

X, Y, Z directions, 108 times (equivalent to 100 h)


150°C (including product's self-heating when energized)


2. Remove the need for the anti-vibration reinforcement as part of the board mounting process, allowing the streamlining of the production process


The new power choke coil removes the need for anti-vibration reinforcement as part of the board mounting process, allowing the streamlining of the production process. 


3. Its excellent heat-resistance and support for large current contributes to the ability to place automotive ECUs in the engine itself


Coils used in automotive ECUs are required to be heat-resistant and support high current, in addition to being highly resistant to vibration. Previously, coils with high resistance to vibration acceleration of 30 G or higher had an issue of not being able to support large current due to their low profile and small size. The developed power choke coil achieves a vibration acceleration resistance of 50 G or higher while also having excellent heat resistance and supporting large current, through the adoption of the company's unique metal composite material, thereby contributing to the placement of automotive ECUs in the engine itself.


Possible applications for high vibration resistant are:

  • Electric pump, input filter
  • Electric fan motor, input filter
  • Direct injection, input filter / boost choke
  • Breaking system, input filter
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), input filter
  • Electric compressor, input filter
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS), input filter
  • Start & stop, buck-boost & input/output filter
  • Body electric system, input filter

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