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RAC01/02 portfolio extensions for IoT and Smart Home

2018-10-31  Power Supply Modules   RECOM
RAC01/02 portfolio extensions for IoT and Smart Home

To expand upon the early success of the RECOM RAC01/02-GA/GB series, new modules with 3.3, 15 and 24V output (RAC01 with 3.3 and 24V) are now available.

The RAC01/02-GA/GB series are low cost AC/DC power supplies, ideal for PCB mounted, compact, board level industrial applications. They feature universal AC input voltage range, regulated and short-circuit-proof isolated DC outputs, low standby power consumption and -25°C to +80°C operating temperature range. The RACxx-GA have a built-in Class A, the RACxx-GB Class B filter. The RACxx-GA are certified to EN60335 while both series are certified to EN60950 and EN62368 safety standards and come with a three year warranty.


For more details contact Andreas Hanausek.



Datasheet „RAC02-GA"

Datasheet “RAC01-GB"


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