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TOREX XC9280 18V, 3A (peak) Buck DC/DC Converter

TOREX XC9280 18V component with 3A (peak) Buck DC/DC Converter

The XC9280 has an operating voltage range of 4.5V~18V, can support output voltages from 1.8V~7.0V (adjustable) and continuous output currents of up to 2A (3A peak). Quiescent current is 80μA and the DC/DC uses PFM/PWM automatic switching control.


Even in the compact TSOT-26 package (2.8x2.9xh1.1mm), the XC9280 can maintain on-resistance values of 0.166Ω (High Side) and 0.13Ω (Low Side), a level equivalent with previous products in larger packages. The series also features a built-in soft-start function (externally adjustable) and works with a switching frequency of 1.2MHz.


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