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AMOLEDs differ from the other passive matrix OLED displays (PMOLEDs) in that they feature an addition layer of thin-layer transistors in the structure (active matrix). This structure allows for substantially larger display diagonals than with the passive matrix OLEDs. AMOLEDs are defined by quoting their sizes in inches.

The product range for AMOLEDs for industrial application sectors covers only a handful of sizes.

3.5” (320 x 480 pixels) and 5” (720 x 1280 pixels).

Datasheets for AMOLEDs are shown below.

3.5“ (320 x 480 pixel)
5” (720 x 1280 pixel)

Our suppliers in this category AMOLEDs:


AMPIRE is a leading manufacturer of small and medium size LCD modules, e.g. STN mono displays, TFT displays, resistive and capacitive touch panels, same as AMOLED displays.


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