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CODICO provides a wide range of different capacitors and technologies of well known, high quality manufacturers. As design-in distributor the focus is on applications which provide the capacitor with an essential role.

Subcategories of Capacitor:

Produktkategorie Ceramic Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor

A permanent fixture in electronic circuits!

Produktkategorie Double Layer Capacitor

Double Layer Capacitor

To offer both high capacitance values and compact sizes!

Produktkategorie Electrolytic Capacitors

Electrolytic Capacitors

For applications with high requirements!

Produktkategorie Film Capacitor

Film Capacitor

For a high Q and current capacity!

Produktkategorie Interference Supression Capacitor

Interference Supression Capacitor

CODICO provides ceramic and film capacitors!

Produktkategorie Polymer Capacitor

Polymer Capacitor

Find here your right capacitor!

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