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Customized OLEDs


Customized OLEDs

A final casing design or very high tool costs for a casing modification call for a customized OLED that uses the available space as efficiently as possible. That is where semi-customized or fully customized OLEDs come into play.


The following parameters are necessary for an initial evaluation:

- Application
- Display size (max. outer dimensions)
- COG (Chip On Glass), COB (Chip On Board) or COF (Chip On Foil) design
- Segment design / resolution
- Color
- Interface
- Touch panel (resistive / capacitive)
- Touch panel Interface
- Temperature range

Following a technical discussion and a final design approval, production of the customized display samples will begin.

Our suppliers in this category Customized OLEDs:

WISECHIP Semiconductor Inc

WISECHIP Semiconductor is one of the leading OLED manufacturers in Taiwan. As a pure OLED manufacturer WISECHIP Semiconductors offers a broad range of products including various OLED modules.


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