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With IoT applications, when it comes to Wi-Fi there are high demands for low power, low form factor, and low price.


The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the situation in which all electronic devices communicate with one another via an IP-based network. In this context, the devices are not restricted to specific markets of applications; instead, the principle is followed that all electronic devices, regardless of their type, exchange data in one form or another with neighbouring devices, or even devices which are a long distance away, and match up to one another. If official estimates are to be believed, by 2020 more than 25 billion devices will already be connected with one another via the Internet.

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Digi International was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Minneapolis MN (USA). The Company is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock Exchange. The company offers Embedded Modules & SBCs, RF-Modules and Wireless Design Services.


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Joachim Strohschenk
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WISTRON NeWeb Corporation (WNC), established in 1996, is a product design and manufacturing company that provides high-quality ODM services for wireless communication and module solutions as well. WNC has comprehensive capabilities in RF antenna design, software design, hardware design, mechanical design, system integration, user interface development, product testing & certification, and manufacturing. The product portfolio ranges from USB modules, stand alone mini cards, Mini PCI & PCIe modules up to combo modules for WiFi and Bluetooth.


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André Ehlert
Product Line Manager
+49 89 1301438-11

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Classic examples of IoT applications are to be found in the home and building automation sector. A washing machine, for example, can alert the householder by way of the home television set that the washing cycle has been completed. A smoke detector can issue alarms to the residents by a household loudspeaker or by light signals if a fire breaks out. The application possibilities are as versatile and varied as the products themselves, and can be extended to many other markets such as healthcare, smart metering, industrial automation and safety technology.


All IoT applications have the factor in common, however, that their wireless unit is in most case in a state of rest, and only wakes up when a trigger signal is issued by a timer or sensor, so as then to carry out a brief data exchange with other devices. Moreover, due to the fact that only low data rates of some 100kbps are required, classic IoT applications accordingly impose particular demands on the wireless unit.


With regard to Wi-Fi, solutions are sought which are constantly smaller and more compact, while at the same time cost less and less. Low power is likewise a prevailing theme, because the devices are not infrequently supplied by a battery.


CODICO can provide Wi-Fi modules for these applications, but also ICs from a variety of different manufacturers, which meet these needs precisely. Apart from this, most of these solutions have the property that, by means of a serial interface, they can be very easily and rapidly integrated into an MCU-based system, and the drivers can be ported as C-code onto the host MCU.



DNSA-141 Datasheet

DNSA-144 Datasheet


QCA400x Broschure


Digi International

ZigBee Module, Wi-Fi Module, 2.4GHz Module, 900MHz Module, 868MHz Module, Mesh Networking Module


Please find also further information in the section Semiconductor ICs and WiFi.

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