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Optical Sensors


Optical sensors can be designed as passive or active components.


In the active version, there is a light emitter (LED or laser diode) and a light receiver (light-sensitive resistor ( LDR), a photo-diode, a photo-transistor or a CMOS Image sensor) integrated. The receiver evaluates the intensity, the color or the duration of the received light from the light transmitter.

The passive component consists of only the light receiver, whereas a light-transmitter can also be integrated.


Optical sensors have the advantage over the other sensors - such as magnetic, capacitive and inductive - that they are not disturbed by ferromagnetic materials or electric and magnetically fields.

Subcategories of Optical Sensors:

Produktkategorie CMOS Image Sensors

CMOS Image Sensors

From PIXART in various sizes

Produktkategorie Health Management

Health Management

Low power CMOS-processed optical sensors

Produktkategorie Infrared


Leaded and SMD IR sensors

Produktkategorie Optical Navigation Sensors

Optical Navigation Sensors

With various technologies


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