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PCB Modules (PSE, PD)


PoE describes power transmission over a standard cat 5/6 twisted pair cable, thus not only eliminating the need for a power line, but also allowing installation by amateurs due to the safe low voltage. PoE works with voltages below 60 V and is thus considered SELV (safety extra low voltage). A distinction is made between injectors (PSE – power sourcing equipment), which can in turn be designed as midspan or endspan, and consumers (PD- powered device).


Midspans use the spare pairs 4|5 und 7|8, endspans transmit power only over the data line pairs 1|2 und 3| 6. As a rule, IEEE defines two power classes: IEEE802.3af (15.4W per port) and IEEE802.3at (30 W per port). In addition, there are two special classes: ultra and mega PoE with 60 and 95W respectively per port.


90% of splitters or PDs are implemented as circuit board versions. One can choose between different packages such as SIL, DIL and SMT. The supply of PSE modules is often problematic, because these require a voltage of at least 48Vdc. This, however, is not a common board voltage, so that in addition to pure PSE modules, complementary products such as, e.g. DC/DC converters from 12 or 24 to 50V+ are also available.

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SILVER TELECOM Ltd. specialises on developing miniaturized electronic modules. SILVERTEL's product portfolio include Power over Ethernet acc. to IEEE802.3at/af and IEEE802.3bt, Telephony interfaces wireless chargers (Qi), LED driver and battery charging controllers.


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