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PhotoMOS Relays


PhotoMos relays find their use in the area of telecommunication, measurement & instrumentation, security devices and industrial control. The input pins are connected to a light emitting diode which emits infrared light as soon as energized. Below the LED is an optoelectronic device that switches the output transistors. The whole unit is molded in translucent resin providing a galvanic separation between input and output.


Product advantages:

  • Low control current
  • Extremely long product life
  • Fast and no noise switching
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • Small size
  • Flexible mounting position
  • THT and SMD versions for automatic assembly

Our suppliers in this category PhotoMOS Relays:


GOODSKY Electric Co. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical relays for applications in white and brown goods, industry, telecommunications, and office automation, as well as in the automotive industry.


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