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Power Supply Modules


Power supply units are used in a wide variety of industrial (IEC/EN-UL-CSA60950-1) and medical applications (IEC/EN-UL-CSA60601-1 3rd Edition). CODICO’s product range not only inlcudes AC/DC-Supplies and DC/DC-Converters in various form factors such as open frame and card, on board solutions and external desktop and wall plug solutions but also PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions as much as wireless power transmission according to Qi (WPC).


When defining the power supply concept, the form factor is not as much in the centre of attention as the complete solution. The total solution is defined by isolation requirements which again comes from the standard applying to the end product. This standard will define whether only functional or basic insulation is required or a safety isolation needs to be built.

Subcategories of Power Supply Modules:

Produktkategorie DC/DC-Converter


For an ideal solution!

Produktkategorie Power Management

Power Management ICs

Essential base of each electric circuitry

Produktkategorie Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet

Detailed Information about PoE!

Produktkategorie Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Wide Product Range for your application!

Produktkategorie Qi/Wireless Charging

Qi/Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging per Qi-Standard

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