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A SIM card is a chip card that inserted into a device or soldered as an eSIM and serves to identify the user in the network. It used to provide subscribers with mobile telephone connections and data connections from the mobile phone provider.

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1NCE is the first Tier 1 carrier with a clear focus on low bandwidth IoT connectivity. The company offers fast, secure and reliable IoT network connections designed specifically for low-volume B2B applications.


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Joachim Strohschenk
Product Line Manager
+49 89 1301438-17

Which providers shell machines actually use to communicate and what should be taken into account?

The most important criterion is network coverage - and the cost factor.

What does it mean to be connected via 1NCE?

Quite simply there is:

No extensive paperwork, no monthly billing, no grey areas and no contract models that require a doctorate in financial mathematics. The Network coverage is being continuously expanded available in EU-28 countries, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, USA and China.

This turns IoT connectivity into a plug-and-play product.

And the cost?

  • Lifetime fee: Pay once at the beginning of the service and your IoT device will be available for 10 years.
  • 1 tariff for all: Forget complex rate portfolios, 1NCE connectivity comes with just one data plan.
  • IoT Flatrate: 500 MB over ten years including 250 SMS - additional volume can be booked.

10 Euro for 10 years with an IoT-Flatrate of 500 MB. 

Order Direct SIM from 1NCE

2EUR additional cost for 1NCE IoT Industrial eSIM.

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