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No other wireless standard has established itself so successfully in markets worldwide. While in the past Wi-Fi was primarily used as a transmission standard for the wireless connection of PCs or notebooks, today it is used in several other applications. There is hardly any areas where Wi-Fi is not present, whether in audio streaming and multi-room speakers, industrial automation, brown or white goods, or home and building automation.


Taking into account the sheer multitude of Wi-Fi applications, CODICO offers an equally vast number of different components. Please contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

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QUALCOMM Inc. is an American global fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. The company headquarter is located in San Diego, California, United States. Out of the broad portfolio of QUALCOMM´s products CODICO distributes Bluetooth, GNSS, PLC, Wi-Fi and Ethernet products.


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The success story of Wi-Fi can be attributed to the fact that Wi-Fi access points are almost omnipresent and al ow for a fast and uncomplicated connection to a worldwide IP network with a decade-old and constantly growing infrastructure: the Internet. Whether in our homes or in public buildings and facilities, Wi-Fi has become the general wireless standard for data services.


In recent years, consistent development has led to ever widening bandwidths, going hand in hand with an increasing range of supported terminal devices (clients). The new 802.11ac standard, for instance, uses the highest channel bandwidth (160MHz) in combination with the highest possible modulation (256 QAM), resulting in a single-channel throughput of up to 867 megabits per second. An access point with 4 antennas (MIMO) thus supports a maximum gross data speed of 4 x 867 = 3468mbps. The new MU-MIMO (multi-user) distribution method even al ows the simultaneous transmission of several independent data streams to several clients.


In contrast to access points, IoT (Internet of Things) applications present completely different requirements. In a typical IoT application, the wireless unit is mostly in sleep mode and only rarely transmits, sending rather smal data packages (some 100kb) when triggered by a sensor or a timer.


Therefore, IoT applications require solutions that are particularly energy-saving and have a very compact design, mostly with a single antenna. Taking into account the sheer multitude of Wi-Fi applications, CODICO offers an equally vast number of different components. The selection ranges from components supporting 802.11a/b/g/n/ac in single or dual band, and USB/SDIO/SPI/UART or PCIe interfaces, to components with integrated network and application processors. They also include transmission technologies like MIMO, MU-MIMO, and Rx/Tx Diversity.


Of course, CODICO also offers Wi-Fi IC solutions with integrated Bluetooth. CODICO is proud to be working together with the world's most renowned Wi-Fi IC manufacturers. No matter what your requirements are, we have the solution for you. Our cooperation with several highly specialized design partners and the close col aboration of our field application engineers (FAEs) with the manufacturers' engineering teams enables us to provide high-level technical support even for sophisticated Wi-Fi designs. Please contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

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