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Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

CODICO will show practice-oriented solutions to demonstrate how scalable system on board modules can be used with OpenWRT or Android to create simple and secure gateways and how applications can be conceptually created and put into operation on terminal devices. IoT with NB-IoT as a concept for connecting devices to the Internet or your own infrastructure. The solutions are analyzed in practice and demonstrated on site.



  • CODICO Intro: Power with - Power supply units, power supplies, standards/display solutions per application incl. safe touch function/connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, NB-IoT) comparison.
  • 8Devics OpenWRT- Gateway solutions, product overview, applications, use cases, field reports, life demonstration
  • Quectel: Outlook Networks, Cat1-Cat19, NB-IoT, G5 Standard in Future, System on Board Solutions, Power Requirements per Solution



The seminar will be held at a high technical level. Target groups: Developers, project managers with technical training. The seminar will be held in German/English. Documents will be submitted in writing. Sometimes an NDA is required for the written submission.


When: Wednesday 06th of February 2019, 09:00 - 17:00 

Where: Technopark Zurich, Switzerland



09:00-09:30: Arrival


09:30-10:30: 8Devices: Application examples, use case, success stories


10:30-10:45: Cofee break


10:45-12:00: 8Devices: Application examples, use case, success stories, Demo


12:00 -13:00: Lunch Break


13:00-14:00: 8Devices and CODICO Programming Examples


14:00-15:00: Quectel Products Available Reconciliation to applications per product


15:00-15:15: Cofee break


15:15-16:30: Quectel Applications and the Future


16:30-16:45: Closing & Feedback 


* The agenda can still be adapted to be up to date and fit the needs of customers and seminar participants.

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