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BC118 is the newest generation of fully integrated Smart Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0) modules. BC118 offers ultra low power consumption, extensive features at a competitive price.

Fully Certified: BC1118 comes with an integrated trace antenna, running all the Bluetooth Stack Bluetooth, FCC and CE certified so customers will not need to have to go through Bluetooth certification for the end product.

Highest Performances: BC118 is Bluetooth 4.0 certified offering Bluetooth Low Energy and very low power consumption in every use case (<0.9uAmp Sleep and <16mAmp while Tx/Rx). Additionally BC118 allows a range of up to 50m connecting with a standard Smart Phone.

Advanced Features: BC118 comes with Transparent Data connection, connection with iOS and Android, Central and Peripheral modes, Ability to upgrade firmware over the air, can run standalone or with a host. Custom BC118 can have the option to have Audio over Smart Bluetooth and also Mesh networking.

Fully Integrated: BC118 comes with Melody Smart and offers a high level UART command interface that provides full control of the connection and the profiles. BC118 can also be controlled PIOs or directly from an App elimminating to develop any embedded firmware.

Audio over BLE Ready:Audio over BLE Ready
Cable Replacement: Secure Reliable Data Transfer:Cable Replacement: Secure Reliable Data Transfer
Can Run as Standalone or Controlled by a Host:Can Run as Standalone or Controlled by a Host
Certification: Bluetooth, FCC, CE and IC:Certification: Bluetooth, FCC, CE and IC
Commands can be sent by App to control BC118:Commands can be sent by App to control BC118
Connection to Smart Phones:Connection to Smart Phones
Cost: Competitive Cost:Cost: Competitive Cost
Features: iBeacon, Mesh or Custom:Features: iBeacon, Mesh or Custom
iBeacon or Proximity for Android:iBeacon or Proximity for Android
Mesh Network (Node and Bridge) for Android:Mesh Network (Node and Bridge) for Android
Over the Air Secure Firmware Upgrade,:Over the Air Secure Firmware Upgrade,
Power Consumption: <0.9uA Sleep, <16mA Rx/Tx:Power Consumption: <0.9uA Sleep, <16mA Rx/Tx
Support/Services: Custom Code, 24h Support:Support/Services: Custom Code, 24h Support
Transparent and Command Mode:Transparent and Command Mode
Transparent Mode for I2C and UART:Transparent Mode for I2C and UART
UART, I2C, Analog and GPIO Interfaces:UART, I2C, Analog and GPIO Interfaces
Up to 50m Range:Up to 50m Range
Upgrades Over the Air Without Additional Flash:Upgrades Over the Air Without Additional Flash