PANTA© SMD - a more cost-effective alternative compared to the rigid-flex PCB.


MPM82504 from MPS - 4x 25A in a Single Module

The MPM82504 from MPS is a quad 25A, scalable, fully integrated power module with a PMBus interface.


Contactless Motion Detection Solution With Integrated Switch From NJR

NJR developed a low-cost simple radar module to detect motion and to be used as contactless switch.


Totem Pole PFC from MPS

Totem Pole PFC from MPS combines advantages of PFC and synchronous rectification.


Raspberry Pi™ Development Kit from KNOWLES

KNOWLES released a Raspberry Pi™-based Eval Kit for high-performance IA8201 audio processor series.


Miniaturized Hybrid-E-Caps by SUNCON

SUNCON added a new, smaller dimensions of aluminum electrolytic hybrid capacitors to support miniaturization.


Automotive SMD E-cap by Rubycon

Bigger Capacitance for a new output filtering Automotive SMD E-cap announced by RUBYCON.


Are You Ready for 5G With THALES?

The MV31-W modem card delivers 5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) for IoT applications.


SUNCON's SMD Hybrid Caps HVPF and HVPC

SUNCON has added small dimension versions with a diameter of 5mm only to their HVPF and HVPC series.


DINKLE's 0177 Series for Power Supplies

The 0177 series of terminal blocks is the optimal solution for the new generation of power supplies.


Far Infrared Sensor PAF9701 From PIXART

The FIR sensor PAF9701 measures a target object’s temperature without being in direct contact with it.


SEVENSTAX's new V2G Charging Station Simulator

SEVENSTAX's V2G simulator is now available for the simulation of a charging station.


High Voltage Monitor IC NJU7890 From NJR

The small-size high voltage monitor IC NJU7890 from NJR can directly detect 1000V voltage.


VITROHM Extends Portfolio With NTC Resistors

VITROHM extends its portfolio with NTC resistors for automotive, industrial & household applications.


TOREX's Ideal Diode XC8110/11 as Load Switch

The new XC8110/XC8111 series from TOREX are load switch ICs that reproduce ideal diodes.


CODICO Is One of the Top Distributors 2021

CODICO is once again one of the top distributors and wins the silver medal in the category "Special Distributors".

Switch to the Smaller 1610 Size From KDS

KDS has the largest production capacity for the 1610 size on the market. Switch now with your 32kHz crystal!

KDS Daishinku Corp

YEEBO's New 2.0” Bar-TFT Display

YEEBO launches a new small and narrow 2.0” Bar-TFT display for applications, where space is limited.


PANJIT's New 650V & 1200V SiC Schottky Diodes

The SiC Schottky diodes provide superior switching performance over silicon-based devices.


UTGX Series Now in the CODICO Sample Shop

The UTGX series is the right choice if you need heavy-duty connectors.