0150 Series by DINKLE: UL Approval Made Easy

Developed for Industrial Applications

The 0150 series from DINKLE was specially developed for industrial applications and scores points wherever high currents and voltages have to be switched reliably and in the smallest of spaces. Typical applications are motion controllers and servo drives.

An absolute milestone of the series is the unrestricted UL rating of 600V (1,000V according to IEC) for cable connectors and PCB sockets in 6.35mm pitch.

The pluggable terminal blocks are also available in 5.08mm and 7.50mm pitch sizes. The connectable conductor cross-section range extends from AWG 24 to AWG 12 and allows currents of up to 20A.

With a Modern Push-in Connection

Thanks to the modern push-in connection, wiring can be carried out in a time-saving manner and without the use of special tools. The tulip-shaped design of the contact spring in combination with the flat contacts in the PCB socket ensures a high level of contact reliability. The cable connectors are available optionally with cable outlet parallel or 90° angled to the PCB.

The innovative locking latch allows quick insertion and removal and ensures a robust connection even under strong vibrations. Supporting pins on both sides provide additional stability of the terminals on the PCB. The positioning of the retaining clips at the lower edge of the connector enables a compact and space-saving housing design.


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