Current Delivery Times for Electronic Components

We Support You With the Planning of Your Orders

The overall demand for several electronic components on the world market currently exceeds the available production capacities.

At the same time, business in general is struggling with transport bottlenecks, especially in the case of deliveries from Asia to Europe (both by sea and air). As a result, further changes in the delivery periods may occur.

We assure you that both our manufacturers – with whom we are in close consultation regarding material procurement – and our staff at CODICO are doing everything possible to provide our customers with the required quantities at the requested time.

We Are Here for You!

Please keep in mind that the delivery times currently indicated are based on the momentary situation and may change on short notice. Early, binding orders can help you and us plan better ahead. Your contact persons at CODICO will be happy to support you with the clarification and planning of your orders.

Please rest assured that the CODICO team is doing its best to support you. Contact us! We look forward to helping you!